Terms & Conditions

 1.       AT ALL TIMES, please be considerate towards our neighbours. Please do not park your cars in front of the entrance of their properties. Refrain from revving your cars loudly or playing loud music. Lack of consideration towards our neighbours may result in cancellation of your future events.

2.       Badshah Palace is an alcohol free zone. We do not permit the use of alcohol in any way, shape or form. This is to promote a safe and comfortable environment for our guests and our neighbourhood.

3.       Badshah Palace does not allow the use of fireworks within the boundary of it’s premises, please make sure your guests are aware of this. Please also note that this an illegal activity and as such, Badshah Palace will ask the Police to take appropriate action, which will disrupt your event considerably.

4.       DO NOT park illegally on double yellow lines, pavements, in the middle of Tower Hill or on the grass in front of the library.

5.       Please DO NOT PARK in the Ambulance car park, or the Co-op car park.

6.       DO NOT park in the driveways or local residents or anywhere that will cause them discomfort or inconvenience.

7.       Please follow directions given by wardens upon entering and leaving the car park.

8.       Be environmentally friendly. DO NOT drop litter, please use bins to appropriately dispose of litter before leaving Badshah Palace.

We hope you will enjoy your stay at Badshah Palace.

Keep Britain Tidy.